Do those disinfectant wipes packaged in marketing bags contain alcohol

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Do those disinfectant wipes packaged in marketing bags contain alcohol

There are two kinds of wipes produced by wipes packaging machine, one is alcoholic, the other is non-alcoholic. Alcohol containing wipes can disinfect the skin, while non-alcoholic wipes can only clean the skin. Ordinary wipes can only clean the skin, there is no way to disinfect, can make the skin become more moist. Alcohol containing wipes are more irritating and should not be used frequently.
alcohol disinfectant wipes packaging machine
The method to identify the alcohol content in alcohol disinfection wipes is: you can take an alcohol disinfection wipes to wipe your hands. If you have a cool feeling, it means that the alcohol disinfection wipes contain alcohol, because alcohol volatilization will take away heat, so your hands will have a cool feeling.

Generally baby wipes contain alcohol, but the amount is not much. The main function of alcohol in wet tissue is sterilization, but alcohol is volatile, which can easily cause water loss on the skin surface after wiping. It feels tight and dry, causing skin discomfort, so it is not suitable for baby. But the main ingredient of baby wipes is water.

Due to the characteristics of the product, most of the alcohol disinfection wipes produced by the alcohol disinfection wipes packaging machine contain alcohol, which generally plays a role in disinfection

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